“The Girl From My Dreams” By Chad Robert Parker

There was something familiar about that girl. It was more than talking with her at a single’s conference two years prior. I didn’t want to assume she was the dark black curly haired girl from my recurring dream, with her warm embrace that always brought me comfort and peace of knowing everything was wonderful. She […]

“Can’t Breath!” By Chad Robert Parker

We laid waste to another holiday meal. Then like all other Thanksgivings before it, bodies lie strewn about sleeping it off and contemplating whether it was worth gorging ourselves over. It felt like the refrigerator was resting on my chest. I figured if I lie there on the couch long enough the indigestion would work […]

“Who Needs A Hall Pass?” By Chad Robert Parker

A couple Christian friends tentatively¬†approached. They knew my standard not to watch R-rated movies and were curious to hear about what happened in Economics class the previous hour. Don’t ask me how R-rated movies became an integral part of the course. I figured they were only asking because they knew an R-rated movie was being […]

“Mr. Miyagi Coaches Soccer” By Chad Robert Parker

My favorite coach would have to be my dad, who dedicated countless hours devoted to teaching his kids teamwork, strategy, and the sheer enjoyment of playing sports competitions. My dad coached several of my teams. We won a lot of games together in baseball and soccer. A close second of my coaches was an assistant […]

“What Did I Learn?” By Chad Robert Parker

I was only sent to the Principal’s office once or twice in my life. I remember a few different punishments through my school days but only once does standing in the actual Principal’s office come to mind. I’ll save the other main instances, a bathroom mess and a lunchroom food frenzy, for another time. The […]