“Would you like some pee with that?” by Alison (Richland, WA)

My disclaimer is that I was young: in first grade I think. It was my turn to help serve food in the cafeteria so I was stationed on a stool with a serving spoon behind the food and the plastic barriers. I was a serious child in some ways and didn’t want to neglect my […]

“That’s Not A Tree!” by Ray (Spanish Fork, Utah)

When we moved to Indiana we were renting while our home was being built. We would often visit the construction site. We did not have a bathroom there yet, so being a good dad I taught my boys to relieve themselves as needed, behind trees. The only problem was when my youngest boy peed on […]

“Fast Getaway” by Robyn (Spanish Fork, Utah)

One day, while gassing the automobile at the local gas station, my most embarrassing moment occurred.  Note the description local, which makes this moment even more embarrassing.   At the time we lived in a small town of maybe 8,000; and that would be counting the farmers.  Everyone knows everyone and everything that goes on.   Added […]

“Quality Check” by Ray (Spanish Fork, Utah)

I once worked in a manufacturing plant which was to be awarded a prestigious “Quality” award by a major company to which we supplied product.  The presentation, by two company vice presidents from this “Fortune 500 Company”, was to happen in a section of our plants warehouse and was to include the plant management and […]

“No Repeat Customer” by Crystal (Bountiful, Utah)

During high school, I worked at a small family owned dry cleaner.  Most everyone who worked the counter were female high school students and being such we were called the “counter girls.” The counter girls dealt with customers, checked in the cloths, and ran the tills. Like most dry cleaners, they had a drive up […]

“Orientation” by anecdoting.com

Editor’s Example: With great anticipation and lots of nerves, students from a few grade schools combined to see the layout of new stomping grounds: the much larger Metcalf Junior High in Burnsville, Minnesota. But the talk of the day centered on learning how to use combination lockers. Naturally, not-so-mature middle schoolers were testing if they […]

“Sleep-talking” by Zach (Saratoga Springs, Utah)

Early in our marriage, my wife and I discovered that we were both sleep-talkers. One night I awoke to a strange noise that I couldn’t quite figure out. It was a consistent, flat hum. The kind a kid makes when they are pretending to be a race car. As I became more conscience, I realized […]