“Pressure To Perform OR To Cheat” By Chad Robert Parker

“Chad Parker, may I speak with you?” Mrs. Watt spoke low but harshly. She beckoned me with a finger. I hesitantly walked to the front of the classroom, unfamiliar with her taking this severe tone. She led me to the classroom door, opened it, and ushered me through. “Outside please!” I couldn’t imagine what this was […]

“Elephant Ears and Tractor Pulls” By Chad Robert Parker

For a small town our community held a lot of big events. Everyone knew everyone. We gathered for regular Friday night baseball games and you expected to see everyone in town at one event or another. There was yearly carnivals, fireworks shows, pig kissing, and art shows. Our town’s activities had a unique appeal, a […]

“Fireworks like the 4th of July? Or war zone?” by Chad Robert Parker

The craziest fireworks display I’ve ever seen didn’t come on the fourth of July. When I lived in the Philippines from 1997-1999 I learned that Christmas or New Year’s eve rivaled anything I’d ever witnessed in America. The fireworks weren’t so colorful but more people had them and it sounded more like artillery. In 1998, […]

“America’s Got Jugglers” By Chad Robert Parker

America’s Got Talent never seems to give enough credit to jugglers. One mistake, usually in the form of a dropped ball, and it’s all over. I like that this year a more artistic juggler (sorry about the outfit if you checked the link) does a rhythmic routine where drops are part of the natural motion and overall […]