“Missing Flight? Missing Person?” By Chad Robert Parker

“YOK,” “yok,” “YOK,” “yok” the goof-ball kids I mentored were exclaiming, half bored and half on a mission, as they marched back and forth in the airport. They were alternating speech and each holding up a sign. One sign read, Yok (sounding like yoke or yolk) the nickname for the foreign exchange student we were to pick […]

“The Real Story Behind My Car Accident” By Chad Robert Parker

In February of this year, I was in a car accident. I told police I was driving my 2004 Honda Pilot up the hill on University Parkway between Provo and Orem. I finished work at 5:00pm and was traveling home like I had done for almost 9 years. I assume I was traveling near the […]

“My Whale of a Time,” By Chad Robert Parker

I think it was second grade. We went on a whale watching trip. It’s funny what stands out in my memory. A couple boys from another school were proudly singing Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 hit, “Born in the U.S.A.” It was a rather amusing scene. They had bandannas tied on their heads and were rocking out with […]

“Northern Minnesota Waterways” By Chad Robert Parker

Minnesota is beautiful! There are trees, hills, and lakes. Lots of lakes. More lakes than you can imagine. I have a portrait on my wall with the glowing embers of a fire at the side of a canoe-in campground. It’s almost magical! The memories of lake camping are equally magical to me. My family loved […]

“Natural Water Park” By Chad Robert Parker

My favorite vacation is easily Lake Powell, Utah. For a desert lake it is quite beautiful with plenty of outdoor enthusiast appeal. Though I came back with scorched skin and a horrible ear infection, accompanied by a splitting head ache to endure the entire 24 hour drive home, it was worth it. My extended family […]

“Provo Get Away” By Chad Robert Parker

They say Provo is boring. Straight-laced students can’t possibly have any fun. Have these critics ever heard of the great outdoors? When I was a Scout Leader I rediscovered some great adventures in my own proverbial backyard. We had been planning a trip to Jackson Hole or maybe The Narrows. Canoeing the Green River was […]